As a relatively new therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a fast and powerful psychotherapy treatment to master the repeat emotional responses that are a result of adverse life experiences and emotionally challenging memories and behaviours; often the result of trauma.

As integrative counsellors & EMDR specialists, Trauma Northwest Clinics works creatively with EMDR treatment to meet people’s specific needs, treating a broad range of symptoms and underlying traumas.

Trauma Northwest Clinics is one aspect of a broader range of therapies delivered by counsellors, Christine Hall and Alrick Fletcher, including relationship therapy, family therapy and young people’s counselling. Christine and Alrick are highly qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, and as a small practice they are highly client focussed.

“After many years of suppressed blocked memories from a very traumatic time in my life, EMDR helped me massively. I was able to process and deal with what had happened in a safe and secure way.

Alrick helped me so much and was always there if I needed her, I’m certain that if I hadn’t had EMDR treatment I would still be stuck in the vicious circle I was in for many years.”

~ Hannah

Treating Blocked Memories

“Alrick has been helping me with EMDR after I was involved in the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017. I have found her to be a very caring and compassionate person and the EMDR treatment has been very effective.”

~ Anna

Dispelling Terrorist Trauma