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Combating Phobias

“I was told by my Doctor about a therapy treatment called EMDR that may help with my phobia of spiders!  I didn’t think anything would change how I was I was very sceptical. The EMDR specialist made me feel comfortable, safe and reassured me it would help, after my 2nd treatment I began to feel different and by the fifth treatment my phobia had gone! I also felt more confident and happier!” 

~ Matt

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Overcoming Birth Trauma

“I have been suffering from a very traumatic birth experience for the last year. I tried counselling but it just didn’t fit, then someone suggested EMDR. At last something that deals with what I have experienced. It has helped me to process and place the experience in a safe place where it enables me to get on with my life and enjoy it!”

~ Kirsty


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Dispelling Terrorist Trauma

“Alrick has been helping me with EMDR after I was involved in the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017. I have found her to be a very caring and compassionate person and the EMDR treatment has been very effective.”

~ Anna


Blocked Memories

Treating Blocked Memories

“After many years of suppressed blocked memories from a very traumatic time in my life, EMDR helped me massively. I was able to process and deal with what had happened in a safe and secure way.

Alrick helped me so much and was always there if I needed her, I’m certain that if I hadn’t had EMDR treatment I would still be stuck in the vicious circle I was in for many years.”

~ Hannah